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Faculty of Education [Capacity: 190 students]

Building a nation starts from building its people first. 
Building people starts from education. 
Yamato University is the first private university in western Japan to offer a Faculty of Education where complete courses are provided for the training of elementary, junior high (middle) and high school teachers.

Department of Education


  • Elementary and Early Childhood Education Course
Capacity: 100 students

  • Japanese Language Education Course
  • Mathematics Education Course
  • English Language Education Course 
Capacity: 90 students

We are the first private university in western Japan to offer teaching license programs for all three key subjects: English language, mathematics and Japanese language. 
We are truly committed to answering the needs of tomorrow’s teachers.

We are the first private university in western Japan to offer a variety of teaching license programs covering key subjects in elementary and secondary education. Yamato University provides a full-scale environment designed specifically for teacher training.

Yamato’s Faculty of Education offers comprehensive programs for elementary school teachers as well as junior high/high school teachers for English language, mathematics and Japanese language.

Class 1

kindergarten teacher’s license

Class 1

elementary school teacher’s license 

Class 1

junior high school teacher’s license

Class 1

high school teacher’s license

Class 1

special-needs school teacher’s license

Elementary and Early Childhood Education Course

Japanese Language Education Course

(Japanese language) 

(Japanese language) 

Mathematics Education Course 



English Language Education Course

(English language)

(English language)

indicates an elective.

Motivating, rewarding courses
We have an extensive curriculum for the development of tomorrow's teachers. 

Under the curriculum carefully designed to develop specialists in education, our full-time faculty members--who together exceed the minimum faculty size required of a university--will serve as personal advisors who prepare each student to graduate with readiness for the real world. 
Classes that feature student participation through dialogue and the use of faculty-student interview booths are just two of the many ideas we will implement in order to provide an environment where each student can fully expand his or her abilities through close interaction with the faculty.

An extensive teacher training curriculum available only at Yamato University

Developing the comprehensive human qualities required of a teacher 

Covering a variety of teaching-related subjects

Developing advanced teaching skills

Mastery of teaching skills/academic subjects
  • "Study on the Forefront of Education" 
  • "Study on the Forefront of Teaching Methods" 
  • "Advanced Study on Academic Subjects" 

Developing an understanding of special-needs education

Required subjects for special-needs education
  • "General Theory of Special-Needs Education" 
  • "Educating Children with Perceptual Disorder" 
  • "General Theory of Developmental Disorder and Education" 

Faculty with a passion for education and extensive real-world experience

Practical training

Familiarization means much more than learning
Our comprehensive support system based on the twin wheels of field training and preparation for teacher’s examination will prepare students for success, starting with the freshman year.

Nishiyamato Gakuen has a proven record of successfully preparing students for examinations. 
Drawing on the resources and experience of Nishiyamato Gakuen, the university aims to achieve a 100% success rate in the teacher's examination. 
We at Yamato University implement unique, quality programs starting with the freshman year, such as field training at various schools and special seminars on how to pass the teacher's examination. 

Focus on field education and awareness of real-world developments


Our well-planned approach to preparing students for the teacher's examination starts immediately after their enrollment.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


From the freshman year, all classes on teaching-related subjects are accompanied by check tests to confirm the students' mastery of the required knowledge.

Final review classes given just before the teacher's examination 
Special seminars

Special seminars are held from the freshman year after hours and on Saturdays to prepare students for the teacher's examination, in the areas of written tests and character assessment (essay, interview).

Students will be provided with proper support based on our thorough assessment of past teachers' examinations offered in different prefectures.

Offsite training

In the sophomore and junior years, students participate in offsite training (study/training camp) where they eat and sleep together, sharing the same spirit toward the goal, in order to learn what it takes to be the true educator as they prepare for the teacher's examination.

Operating a campus in the United States.
We offer students the chance to study from a global perspective at the campus of Nishiyamato Academy of California. 

We offer overseas study/training/experience programs spanning a month, three months, a year, etc., in coordination with Nishiyamato Academy of California, in order to provide a reliable setting for study abroad. 

Examples of unique programs offered by Yamato University in coordination with Nishiyamato Academy of California 

English Language Education Course

A one-year study program at a university in Utah to brush up one’s practical English skills

Elementary and Early Childhood Education Course

A one-month study program in the U.S. to take classes and experience subjects other than English language, for comparison with how those subjects are taught in the U.S. and to reaffirm the uniqueness of education in Japan

Japanese Language Education Course 
Mathematics Education Course

While under training overseas, the students visit local schools in the U.S. to learn global perspectives on the school system, educational guidance, etc.

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