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Nishiyamato Gakuen Group – Introduction of Affiliated Schools

A premier preparatory school system that has sent many students each year to Tokyo University, Kyoto University and other top-class universities in Japan. With the goal of "nurturing the next-generation leaders" in mind, the schools offer a wide variety of highly recognized programs, including the program to study in the U.S.; the student exchange program with Harvard University, "Training Program for Next-Generation Leaders (at Harvard University)"; the model United Nations program; and the Super Science High School (SSH) activities, which give the students opportunities to experience cutting-edge sciences. 
As the only Japanese educational institution overseas on the U.S. West Coast certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, Nishiyamato Academy of California (NAC) plays a pivotal role in practicing the international education principle of Nishiyamato Gakuen. In an effort to develop world-class education and healthcare experts, NAC will coordinate with Yamato University to not only develop and run various programs, such as overseas study and home stay programs, but also to offer collaborative activities with local institutions of education and healthcare.
Hakuho College offers four courses (major)--Child Education, Nursing, Rehabilitation, and International Human Studies--under the Department of Integrated Human Studies; and two advanced courses, namely Midwifery and Community Health Nursing. The passionate team of faculty members is committed to extending full support to their students in every aspect, from academics to campus life, to help them become truly independent women with a rich sense of humanity and social adaptability. Boasting high success rates in national examinations as well as an excellent record of career placements, the College develops specialists in the fields of welfare, education, healthcare and international relations.
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